data DrawCommand = DrawLine Line | DrawImageString Point String | DrawString Point String | DrawRectangle Rect | FillRectangle Rect | FillPolygon Shape CoordMode [Point] | DrawArc Rect Int Int | FillArc Rect Int Int | CopyArea Drawable Rect Point | CopyPlane Drawable Rect Point Int | DrawPoint Point | CreatePutImage Rect ImageFormat [Pixel] | DrawImageStringPS Point PackedString | DrawStringPS Point PackedString | DrawLines CoordMode [Point] | DrawImageString16 Point String | DrawString16 Point String
  instance Eq DrawCommand
  instance Ord DrawCommand
  instance Show DrawCommand


DrawCommand contains constructors for various drawing commands available in the Xlib library. All drawing commands are not supported (yet).

The name of the Xlib library functions corresponding to a particular constructors is the name of the constructor, preceeded by X. For example, XDrawLine is the function corresponding to the constructor DrawLine. These can be looked up in the online manual, by using a command like man XDrawLine.

See Also

XCommand, pmDrawLine, wDrawLine, moveDrawCommand.

Xlib Programming Manual .


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