attribD, softAttribD, et al



attribD :: GCSpec -> Drawing a b -> Drawing a b
softAttribD :: [GCAttributes ColorSpec FontSpec] -> Drawing a b -> Drawing a b
hardAttribD :: GCtx -> Drawing a b -> Drawing a b
fontD :: (Show a, FontGen a) => a -> Drawing b c -> Drawing b c
fgD :: (Show a, ColorGen a) => a -> Drawing b c -> Drawing b c
data GCSpec = SoftGC [GCAttributes ColorSpec FontSpec] | HardGC GCtx
  instance Show GCSpec


There are functions for specifying drawing attributes in Drawings. The attributes affects the children of the node created.

With soft attributes, any attribute not given explicity is inherited from the parent.

Hard attributes sets all attributes, disregarding parent attributes completely. Hard attributes use preallocated GCtxs and are therefore more efficient than soft attributes.

See Also

The types: Drawing, ColorSpec, FontSpec, GCtx.


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