¤ hSplitF', vSplitF', et al



hSplitF' :: Double -> F a1 a2 -> F c b -> F (a1  c) (a2  b)
vSplitF' :: Double -> F a1 a2 -> F c b -> F (a1  c) (a2  b)
splitF' :: LayoutDir -> Double -> F a1 a2 -> F c b -> F (a1  c) (a2  b)


hSplitF' alignment fud1 fud2


These combinator creates horizontal/vertical compositions of fudgets where the amount of space assigned to the parts is controlled by the user.


Propagated to fud1 or fud2 as in a tagged parallel composition


the tagged output from fud1 and fud2 as in tagged parallel composition


alignment :: Double
determines where the extra space goes when the window is enlarged. aLeft/aTop means that the split position follows the left/top edge of the window. aRight/aBottom analogously means that the split point follows the right/bottom edge of the window. aCenter means that the extra space is divided equally between the two parts.

fud1 :: F a1 a2
The first fudget
fud2 :: F c b
The second fudget


  hSplitF' = splitF' Horizontal
  vSplitF' = splitF' Vertical

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