¤ idLowSP, idHighSP, et al

Stream processor combinators


idLowSP :: SP a1 b -> SP (Message a2 a1) (Message a2 b)
idHighSP :: SP a1 a2 -> SP (Message a1 b) (Message a2 b)
idLeftSP :: SP a1 b -> SP (a2  a1) (a2  b)
idRightSP :: SP a1 a2 -> SP (a1  b) (a2  b)


These combinators compose a stream processor in parallel with the identity stream processor.


  idRightSP sp = sp   `compEitherSP` idSP
  idLeftSP  sp = idSP `compEitherSP` sp

See Also

compEitherSP and idSP.