¤ idRightF, idLeftF, et al

Plumbing: common patterns of serial and parallel compositions


idRightF :: F a b -> F (a  c) (b  c)
idLeftF :: F c d -> F (b  c) (b  d)
toBothF :: F b (b  b)
throughF :: F c b -> F c (b  c)
bypassF :: F a a -> F a a
stubF :: F a b -> F c d


Various plumbing combinators.


  idRightF f = f   >+< idF
  idLeftF  f = idF >+< f
  throughF f = idRightF f >==< toBothF
  bypassF f = stripEither >^=< throughF f

See Also

absF, idF, >+<.


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