monadSP, SPm, et al


monadSP :: SPm a b () -> SP a b
type SPm a b c = Mk (SP a b) c
putSPm :: a -> SPm b a ()
putsSPm :: [a] -> SPm b a ()
getSPm :: SPm a b a
nullSPm :: SPm a b ()
unitSPm :: a -> SPm b c a
bindSPm :: SPm a b c -> (c -> SPm a b d) -> SPm a b d
thenSPm :: SPm a b () -> SPm a b c -> SPm a b c
toSPm :: SP a b -> SPm a b ()


Monadic style stream processor combinators.

A monadic stream processor of type SPm inp outp ans is a stream processor that inputs messages of type inp, output messages of type outp (like a stream processor of type SP inp outp) and produces a final result of type ans.

unitSPm and bindSPm are the unit and bind operations of the monad. unitSPm x is a stream processor that immediately returns the result x, without performing any I/O operations.

The operations putSPm, getSPm and nullSPm correspond to the ordinary stream processor operations putSP, getSP and nullSP respectively.

monadSP allows a monadic stream processor to be used in any context where an ordinary stream procesor is required.


Incomplete documentation.

See Also

Continuation style stream processor operations: SP, putSP, getSP, nullSP.

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