moreF, moreFileF, et al

Displaying text


moreF :: F [String] (InputMsg (Int, String))
moreFileF :: F String (InputMsg (Int, String))
moreShellF :: String -> F [String] (InputMsg (Int, String))
moreFileShellF :: F String (InputMsg (Int, String))


moreF is used to display plain text in a rectangular display area with an attached vertical scroll bar.

moreFileF is like moreF, except that it expects file names on the high level input. It reads and displays the contents of the files.

moreShellF is used to display a text in a separate shell window. This is simply moreF wrapped in a shell. The shell window stays invisible until the first text input message is received. The string argument is the title to display in the window title bar.

moreFileShellF is like moreShellF, except that it expects file names on the high level input. The window title is automatically changed to the name of the file being displayed.


The text to display as a list of lines. Tab characters are expanded (tab stops in every 8 character position). Long lines are wrapped.


If the user clicks in the text, the line number and the contents of that line is output.



See Also

Related fudgets: pickListF, displayF, textF.

Customizable versions: moreF' et al.


The line wrapping is implemented as a preprocessor. This means that when the user clicks in the text, moreF outputs information corresponding to a physical line (as it appears on the screen), which may not be so useful. Use pickListF instead, if this is a problem.