nullK, nullF, et al


nullK :: K a b
nullF :: F a b
putK :: KCommand a -> K b a -> K b a
putF :: a -> F b a -> F b a
getK :: Cont (K a b) (KEvent a)
getF :: Cont (F a b) a
startupK :: [KEvent a] -> K a b -> K a b
startupF :: [a] -> F a b -> F a b
appendStartK :: [KCommand a] -> K b a -> K b a
appendStartF :: [a] -> F b a -> F b a


These are the fudget and kernel equivalents of the similarly named stream processors nullSP, putSP, getSP, etc.

See Also

putSP, getSP, startupSP, stepSP, appendStartSP, putFu, getFu.