¤ popupMenuF



popupMenuF :: (Eq b1, Graphic b1) => [(a, b1)] -> F c b2 -> F ([(a, b1)]  c) (a  b2)


popupMenuF alts fudget


popupMenuF provides a popup menu. The menu is normally hidden, but pops up when the a specific mouse button is pressed over the fudget to which the popup menu is attached, so that an item can be picked from the menu. The menu is removed as soon as the mouse button is released.


Left alts causes the current menu to be replaced by a new list of alternatives alts. Right y causes y to be passed to the argument fudget.


Left x is output if menu item x is selected. Right y is output if the argument fudget outputs y.


alts :: [(a, b1)]
A list of items to choose from. Each item is paired with its visual representation (a string).
fudget :: F c b2
The fudget in which the popup menu will be available.

See Also

buttonF, menuF, radioGroupF, toggleButtonF.


Fudget under construction. The type and meaning of Left x input may change.