F, Fudget, et al


data F a b = F (FSP a b)
instance FudgetIO F
instance StreamProcIO F
type Fudget a b = F a b
data K a b = K (KSP a b)
instance FudgetIO K
type TEvent = (Path, XEvent)
type TCommand = (Path, XCommand)
type Fa a b c d = SP (Message a c) (Message b d)
type FEvent a = Message TEvent a
type KEvent a = Message XEvent a
type FCommand a = Message TCommand a
type KCommand a = Message XCommand a

data SP a b
data Message a b = Low a | High b


A fudget is a stream processor with high level streams and low level streams. The high level streams are used for communication between fudgets within a program. The low level streams are for communication with the I/O system.

F hi ho is the Fudget type. hi is the type of high level input messages and ho is the type of high level output messages.

K a b is the Fudget Kernel type, which is what atomic fudgets are built from.

See Also

Abstract fudgets: absF, mapF.

Other atomic fudget constructors: windowF, ioF (normally not used directly by application progammers).

Fudget combinators: >+<, >==<, listF.

Stream processors: SP.