PixmapId, FontId, et al


data PixmapId = PixmapId Int
instance Eq PixmapId
instance Ord PixmapId
instance Show PixmapId
data FontId = FontId Int
instance Eq FontId
instance Ord FontId
instance Show FontId
data GCId = GCId Int
instance Eq GCId
instance Ord GCId
instance Show GCId
rootGC :: GCId
data CursorId = CursorId Int
instance Eq CursorId
instance Ord CursorId
instance Show CursorId
data ColormapId = ColormapId Int
instance Eq ColormapId
instance Ord ColormapId
instance Show ColormapId
defaultColormap :: ColormapId
data Atom = Atom Int
instance Eq Atom
instance Ord Atom
instance Show Atom
data WindowId = WindowId Int
instance Eq WindowId
instance Ord WindowId
instance Show WindowId


Values of these types are references to objects stored in the X server. Their meaning is not defined within the Fudget library.

See Also

The Xlib Programming Manual .


These should really be abstract types.