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About altocumulus.org

This web site is hosted on my home computer, which I named Skalman (after a clever cartoon character). Skalman used to be an Amiga 3000, but with just a 25MHz 68030 and 6MB RAM is was too slow for my needs. (I wanted to write Haskell programs and compile them with HBC.) Buying more memory or a faster CPU for it didn't seem like a cost effective solution, so in April(?) 1996 I replaced the entire box... The new box had a CPU that was about 20 times faster, 64MB RAM, better graphics and better sound. After running FreeBSD for a few years, I switched to Linux, simply because there was no support in FreeBSD for the ISDN box that was included for free in an ISDN/Internet package deal from Telia I got in December 1999.

In August 2000, it was time for another upgrade, this time to a computer that was 8 times faster than the previous one, and with 128MB RAM. Unfortunately, that computer was stolen by burglars in February 2001, so at present, skalman is a slightly faster computer with 256MB RAM. (The RAM was later extended to 512MB.)

After having an ISDN-based internet connection for a bit more that a year, skalman finally got, at 11:58 on the 24th April 2001, a working broadband connection with a fixed IP adress. This meant that these web pages became visible to people other than myself!

In the beginning, I used a free domain name serivce (dnsq.org) and gave my computer the name skalman.dnsq.org. When that service stopped working in the end of October 2003 I tought it was about time I registered my own domain name. In the beginning of November, after pondering for a few days, I registered the name altocumulus.org.

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