Friends with home pages

Revealing photos

The following people also have their own web page, but they haven't got these revealing photos .

Niklas Röjemo, more interested in two Israelia girls than the Statue of Liberty. (1991)

Jan Sparud, mostly interested in coffee and games. (1994)

Pictures of friends

Magnus Carlsson, enjoying a capuccino after a long walk up and down Manhattan. (1991)

Ola and his son Lukas, enjoying a walk through the botanic garden in Göteborg. (Sep 1994)

Sanna, enjoying a peach. (1994)

Claes & Anna enjoying their wedding (1994)

Anne-Maj, enjoying getting her camera back after a nice thanks-for-lending-me-the-camera dinner with me at Malaysia Saté. (1994)

Katarina, enjoying a bath. (1994)

Katarina, enjoying falling asleep in my lap. (1994)

Cissi making a phone call, after enjoying a lesson in word processing in my sofa. (1997)