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alfa-170826.pkg2017-08-26 19:53 4.8M

A macOS installer package for a snapshot of Alfa, including the Agda proof engine, the GF plugin for natural language support and the Pesca theorem prover plugin. Start Alfa with the command alfa -plugins to activate all plugins.

Known issues on macOS:

  • You need to have XQuartz installed to run it.
  • There a layout problem in the menu window and the file selection window when they first open. Resizing the window restores normal layout.
  • With the default settings in XQuartz, when the main window is active, the first click in the menu window only activates the window, a second click is needed to select something from the menu. To solve, open XQuarz Preferences, go to the Windows tab and activate Click-through Inactive Windows and/or Focus Follows Mouse.