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A program to test the factorial function

Version 1

This program illustrates how data is communicated between different parts of a Fudget program. It illustrates a simple way to combine application specific code (in this case the factorial function) with GUI elements from the Fudget library.

[Your browser doesn't support fupplets. Here is a window dump instead:]

[Window dump of the Factorial example, version 1]

The program shows a numeric entry field at the bottom and a number display at the top. Whenever the user enters a number in the entry field and presses Return the factorial of that number is computed and displayed in the number display.

Here is the source code:

import Fudgets

main = fudlogue (shellF "Fac" facF)

facF = intDispF >==< mapF fac >==< intInputF

fac 0 = 1
fac n = n * fac (n-1)

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