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An Up Counter

This program illustrates a more general way to combine application specific code with GUI elements from the Fudget library. It illustrates that state information can be encapsulated.

[Your browser doesn't support fupplets. Here is a window dump instead:]

[Window dump of the Up Counter]

This program has a button and a numeric display. Pressing the button increments the number in the display.

The application specific code in this example sits between the button and the display. It internally maintains a counter which is incremented and output to the display whenever a click is received from the button.

Here is the source code:

import Fudgets

main = fudlogue (shellF "Up Counter" counterF)

counterF = intDispF >==< mapstateF count 0 >==< buttonF "Up"

count n Click = (n+1,[n+1])

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