¤ compF, >+<

Plumbing: tagged parallel composition


compF :: F a b -> F c d -> F (a  c) (b  d)
>+< :: F a b -> F c d -> F (a  c) (b  d)


compF fl fr


Fudgets composed with compF operate in parallel, indepdenetly of one another. The high level output streams from the individual fudgets are tagged and merged into a single stream. The input stream, which must be tagged, is split up and fed to the appropriate fudget.

>+< is an infix version of compF.


Messages tagged Left and Right are sent to the left and right fudgets, respectively.


Messages from the left and right fudgets are tagged Left and Right, respectively.


fl :: F a b
left fudget.
fr :: F c d
right fudget.

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