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The Fudgets library is distrubuted by anonymous ftp, free of charge. Sources as well as binaries are provided. To use fudgets, you also need one of the following Haskell compilers: All needed files are available in the subdirectories chalmers, glasgow and nhc13.

The Latest Release of Fudgets

The latest released version is called the 12th hackers' release, or h12. This is the first release with support for Haskell compilers other than HBC. The release notes lists the most important changes from release h12.
Binary distribution
Binaries for use with HBC are located in files called
where arch and os indicate the processor architecture and operating system. These files contain the library binaries and some shell scripts, e.g., for compiling fudget programs.

Files with binaries for GHC and NHC13 have the prefixes ghc- and nhc-, respectively. The binaries for NHC13 include a heap profiling version of the library.

Source distribution
The library sources are located in the file fudgets-h12.src.tar.gz. This file contains the library sources, examples, demos and a copy of the hypertext reference manual.
See also the file Fudgets.readme in those directories.

We will try to maintain a list of known bugs in h12. If you find bugs that are not in this list, please report them to us.

Release History

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12 Apr 1997, 01:33, Thomas Hallgren & Magnus Carlsson