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  1. Fudgets - A Graphical User Interface in a Lazy Functional Language
  2. FPCA-93
  3. Fudgets - Purely Functional Processes with applications to Graphical User Interfaces
  4. Erratic Fudgets: A Semantic Theory for an Embedded Coordination Language
  5. BibTex entry
  6. This drawing
  7. Martin Weichert
  8. Andrew Moran
  9. David Sands
  10. Magnus Carlsson
  11. Coordination'99
  12. Programming with Fudgets
  13. Fudgets - Graphical User Interfaces and I/O in Lazy Functional Languages
  14. Client/Server Applications with Fudgets
  15. Implementing Real-time Interactive Multi-User Games with Fudgets
  16. Programming with Fudgets - a tutorial
  17. A Gentle Introduction to Haskell
  18. Haskell documentation
  19. Links

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