filler, hFiller, et al

Flexible line drawings


filler :: Bool -> Bool -> Int -> FlexibleDrawing
hFiller :: Int -> FlexibleDrawing
vFiller :: Int -> FlexibleDrawing
frame :: FlexibleDrawing
frame' :: Size -> FlexibleDrawing
ellipse :: FlexibleDrawing
arc :: Int -> Int -> FlexibleDrawing
lpar :: FlexibleDrawing
rpar :: FlexibleDrawing
lbrack :: FlexibleDrawing
rbrack :: FlexibleDrawing
lbrace :: FlexibleDrawing
rbrace :: FlexibleDrawing
lAngleBracket :: FlexibleDrawing
rAngleBracket :: FlexibleDrawing
filledTriangleDown :: FlexibleDrawing
filledTriangleUp :: FlexibleDrawing


These are various flexible drawings.

filler fixedWidth fixedHeight minSize creates a filled rectangle with the propreties indicated by the arguments.

hFiller and vFiller creates horizontal and vertical lines with the thickness indicated by the argument.

frame and frame' create flexbile rectangles useful for framing things.

lpar, rpar, lbrack, rbrack, lbrace and rbrace create parentheses, square brackets and braces of flexible height.


 labelF (hboxD [g lbrack,vboxD [g "x",g "y", g "z"],g rbrack])


 labelF (placedD (matrixP 2 `spacersP` repeat (alignFixedS aCenter aCenter)) $ boxD [g (hFiller 1),g (vFiller 1),g (frame' 25),g ellipse,g lpar,g rpar,g lbrack,g rbrack,g lbrace, g rbrace])

See Also

The type for composite graphical obejcts: Drawing.

Supported Xlib drawing commands: type DrawCommand.

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