GCFunction, GCLineStyle, et al


data GCFunction = GXclear | GXand | GXandReverse | GXcopy | GXandInverted | GXnoop | GXxor | GXor | GXnor | GXequiv | GXinvert | GXorReverse | GXCopyInverted | GXorInverted | GXnand | GXset
instance Enum GCFunction
instance Eq GCFunction
instance Ord GCFunction
instance Show GCFunction
data GCLineStyle = LineSolid | LineDoubleDash | LineOnOffDash
instance Enum GCLineStyle
instance Eq GCLineStyle
instance Ord GCLineStyle
instance Show GCLineStyle
data GCCapStyle = CapNotLast | CapButt | CapRound | CapProjecting
instance Enum GCCapStyle
instance Eq GCCapStyle
instance Ord GCCapStyle
instance Show GCCapStyle
data GCFillStyle = FillSolid | FillTiled | FillStippled | FillOpaqueStippled
instance Enum GCFillStyle
instance Eq GCFillStyle
instance Ord GCFillStyle
instance Show GCFillStyle
data GCSubwindowMode = ClipByChildren | IncludeInferiors
instance Enum GCSubwindowMode
instance Eq GCSubwindowMode
instance Ord GCSubwindowMode
instance Show GCSubwindowMode
data GCAttributes a b = GCFunction GCFunction | GCForeground a | GCBackground a | GCLineWidth Width | GCLineStyle GCLineStyle | GCFont b | GCCapStyle GCCapStyle | GCSubwindowMode GCSubwindowMode | GCGraphicsExposures Bool | GCFillStyle GCFillStyle | GCTile PixmapId | GCStipple PixmapId
instance (Eq a, Eq b) => Eq (GCAttributes a b)
instance (Ord a, Ord b) => Ord (GCAttributes a b)
instance (Show a, Show b) => Show (GCAttributes a b)
type GCAttributeList = [GCAttributes Pixel FontId]


These are GC related types corresponding to similarily named types defined in the Xlib library.

See Also

The Xlib Programming Manual .