hyperGraphicsF, hyperGraphicsF'


hyperGraphicsF :: (Eq a, Graphic b) => Drawing a b -> F (Either (Drawing a b) (a, Drawing a b)) a
hyperGraphicsF' :: (Eq a, Graphic b) => Bool -> Int -> ColorName -> Drawing a b -> F (Either (Drawing a b) (a, Drawing a b)) a


hyperGraphicsF drawing


hyperGraphicsF allows you to display a composite graphical object (a value of type Drawing) and receive information about which part of the object the user clicks on.


Left drawing replaces the current drawing. Right (lbl,drawing) replaces the part labelled lbl.


lbl when the user clicks on the part labelled lbl.


drawing :: Drawing a b
The drawing to display initially.

The additional arguments to hyperGraphicsF' are the border width and background color.


hyperGraphicsF = hyperGraphicsF' 1 paperColor


 hyperGraphicsF (vboxD [labelD True (atomicD "Yes"), labelD False (atomicD "No")])

This fudget uses a drawing of type Drawing Bool String and will output True or code{False} when the user clicks on the word Yes or No, respectively.

See Also

The type for composite graphical objects: Drawing.

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