marginHVAlignF, alignF, et al


marginHVAlignF :: Distance -> Alignment -> Alignment -> F a b -> F a b
alignF :: Size -> Size -> Alignment -> Alignment -> F a b -> F a b
noStretchF :: Bool -> Bool -> F a b -> F a b
aLeft :: Alignment
aRight :: Alignment
aTop :: Alignment
aBottom :: Alignment
aCenter :: Alignment
type Alignment = Double


marginHVAlignF margin halign valign fudget


A fudget usually fills up all available space. By enclosing it in alignSepF (or alignF) it will only become as big as it needs to be. If the fudget is stretchable in a direction, it will still fill up the available space in that direction.

noStretchF allows you to change the stretching behaviour of a fudget. The two arguments indicate whether the size should be fixed horizontally and vertically, respectively.


margin :: Distance
the fudget will be surrounded by at least this many pixels on all sides.
halign :: Alignment
horizontal placement in the available space (e.g., aLeft, aCenter or aRight).
valign :: Alignment
vertical placement in the available space (e.g., aTop, aCenter or aBottom).
fudget :: F a b
the enclosed fudget


 marginHVAlignF 10 aRight aCenter (buttonF "Hi!") >+<startupF ["Good Morning!"] stringF

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