posPopupShellF :: String -> [WindowAttributes] -> F a b -> F (a, Maybe Point) (a, b)


posPopupShellF title wattrs fudget


posPopupShellF is used to create popup dialogs. It is a shell in which a fudget is placed. When a message is sent to the popup shell, the dialog appears on the screen. When a message is output from the contained fudget, the dialog is removed from the screen.


If (x,optpos) is input, x is propagated to the contained fudget and the window is popped up att the position pos if optpos is Just pos or under the pointer if optpos is Nothing.


Output from the contained fudget, paired with the last input.


title :: String
The window title. Appears in the title bar attached to the window by the window manager.
wattrs :: [WindowAttributes]
List of window attributes. CWSaveUnder True and CWOverrideRedirect True are common attributes for popup windows.
fudget :: F a b
The contained fudget. It should use dynamic layout.

See Also

inputPopupF, popupShellF, Dynamic layout.