Haskell 1.3

A Non-strict, Purely Functional Language

John Peterson, Yale University [editor]
Kevin Hammond, University of St. Andrews [editor]
Lennart Augustsson, Chalmers University of Technology
Brian Boutel, Victoria University of Wellington
Warren Burton, Simon Fraser University
Joseph Fasel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Andrew D. Gordon, University of Cambridge
John Hughes, , Chalmers University of Technology
Paul Hudak, Yale University
Thomas Johnsson, Chalmers University of Technology
Mark Jones, University of Nottingham
Simon Peyton Jones, University of Glasgow
Alastair Reid, Yale University
Philip Wadler, University of Glasgow

May 1, 1996

This is the HTML version of the Haskell report, version 1.3.
Brief Table of Contents. The Haskell report is published as Yale University Research Report YALEU / DCS / RR-1106.

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