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Fudget Library Reference Manual

For version 0.18.3
Created from the Fudget Library sources on 2022-03-15 15:43


Full Index
– lists everything exported from the library (the things you get with import AllFudgets).
Programmers's Index
– lists things that are intended for application programmers (the things you get with import Fudgets).
Beginner's Index
– the most essential stuff from the programmer's index.
Index of obsolete stuff
– things that are kept around mostly for backwards compatibilty.


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See also

See the Tutorial for a quick introduction to programming with Fudgets. See the User's Guide for info on naming conventions, what to import and how to compile. See also the Fudgets Home Page.

Other versions

This version of the manual documents version 0.18.3. Also available: [Fudgets Home Page]