Name, ColorGen, et al


data Name = Name String
instance ColorGen Name
instance FontGen Name
instance Eq Name
instance Show Name
class ColorGen a where
   convColorK :: (FudgetIO d) => a -> Cont (d b c) Pixel
data ColorSpec = (ColorGen ?a) => ColorSpec ?a
instance ColorGen ColorSpec
data ColorFallback = CF ColorName ColorName
instance ColorGen ColorFallback
colorSpec :: (ColorGen a) => a -> ColorSpec
class FontGen a where
   convFontK :: (FudgetIO d) => a -> Cont (d b c) FontStruct
data FontSpec = (FontGen ?a) => FontSpec ?a
instance FontGen FontSpec
data FontStruct
instance FontGen FontStruct
instance Eq FontStruct
instance Ord FontStruct
instance Show FontStruct
fontSpec :: (FontGen a) => a -> FontSpec


Types and classes for specifying colors and fonts in various ways.

Fonts and colors can be specified using Names (strings). These will automatically converted to appropriate GCIds, FontIds and Pixels when needed.

For efficiency, fonts, colors and other drawing attributes can also be allocated once and for all in advance using e.g. wCreateGCtx.

See Also

The new way, suitable in combination with Drawings: GCtx.

The old way: loadQueryFontF, allocNamedColorF, wCreateGC.


Incomplete documentation.

The methods in classes colorGen and FontGen should not be exported, since they differ depending on whether the Haskell compiler in use supports existentiall types.

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