GCtx, rootGCtx, et al


data GCtx = GC GCId FontStruct
rootGCtx :: GCtx
wCreateGCtx :: (FontGen b, FudgetIO e, ColorGen a) => GCtx -> [GCAttributes a b] -> (GCtx -> e c d) -> e c d
createGCtx :: (FontGen b, FudgetIO e, ColorGen a) => Drawable -> GCtx -> [GCAttributes a b] -> (GCtx -> e c d) -> e c d


Values of type GCtx contain a GCId and the FontStruct of the font used by the GC.

GCtxs are used by the rendering system for Drawings. For efficiency, rather than embedding drawing attributes (e.g., color and font names) in drawings, an appropriate GCtx can be created in advance and included in the drawing.

wCreateGCtx creates a new GCtx by modifying a template GCtx. rootGCtx can be used as a template, but should not be used for any other purpose.

See Also

Similar functions for plain GCs: wCreateGC et al.

Data type for composite graphics: Drawing.


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