inputDoneSP, inputLeaveDoneSP, et al


inputDoneSP :: SP (InputMsg a) a
inputLeaveDoneSP :: SP (InputMsg a) a
stripInputSP :: SP (InputMsg a) a

data InputMsg a = InputChange a | InputDone KeySym a


inputDoneSP is a stream processor which removes all messages indicating that a change has been made in an input field and only passes those messages that indicate that the user has finished the input (by pressing Return, Enter, Tab or some similar key).

inputLeaveDoneSP will also pass messages indicating that the mouse pointer has left the input field.

stripInputSP pass messages that indicates that the contents of the input field has changed or that it is complete (i.e., all messages except the ones caused by the pointer leaving the input field).


The output from an input field.


The values contained in some of the input messages, as described above.


 inputDoneSP >^^=< stringF

See Also

stringF, InputMsg, >^^=<.