stringF, passwdF, et al


stringF :: F String (InputMsg String)
passwdF :: F String (InputMsg String)
intF :: F Int (InputMsg Int)
type InF a b = F a (InputMsg b)


These fudgets provides input fields.

stringF allows arbitrary strings to be entered. The string can be edited by moving a cursor with the arrow keys and inserting and deleting characters. The current selection can be pasted by pressing the middle mouse button.

passwdF works like stringF, except that it shows asterisks for all characters input.

intF works like stringF, except that it allows only integer values to be input.


a string (or integer) that replaces the current contents of the input field.


InputChange s is output whenever the user edits the string, where s is the new contents of the input field.

InputDone key s is output when an ``enter'' key is pressed. Currently Return, KP_Enter and Tab count as enter keys.



See Also

Simpler versions: stringInputF, passwdInputF, intInputF.

Customisable versions: stringF', passwdF', intF'.

Useful postprocessors: inputDoneSP, stripInputSP.

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