Web Fudgets

Web Fudgets are programs written in Haskell, compiled to JavaScript with Haste, using a variant of Fudgets to create the user interface.

Download: WebFudgets- Unpack it, then use haste-cabal install to install it.

Here is a preliminary Reference Manual: WebFudgets, WebFudgetsExtras, HasteExtras (Haddock docs).

Here are some examples:

  1. Web Fudgets Demo. Your first 10 Web Fudgets. Includes the examples from the original Your first 8 Fudgets programs, with source code.

  2. 7 GUIs with Web Fudgets (work in progress). Solutions to the 7GUIs Notational Usability Benchmark for GUI Programming.

  3. Calculator. Graph drawing calculator, originally developed with Haste, for the FP course, then rewritten using Web Fudgets.

  4. FXMines v1.2. A game implemented by Lennart Augustsson in the early days of Fudgets, now ported to Web Fudgets.

  5. Othello. A game originally implemented in the 1990s. The first version ran in a text terminal. I later added a graphical user interface based on Fudgets, which was easy to adapt to Web Fudgets.

  6. Space Invaders. A version of the classic video game, implemented in part in the 1990s, recently made more complete and ported to Web Fudgets. Controls: on keyboards, use the Left and Right arrow keys to move & Space to fire. On touch screens, touch near the left or right edge to move left or right, respectively & tap somewhere in between to fire.

  7. Tetris. A simple variant of the classic game. I wrote this in 2017 for use as an assignment in the introductory functional programming course at Chalmers.

  8. Snake. Another old game, originally implemented and documented in 1990, now ported to Fudgets and WebFudgets.
Some of these are available as additional downloads if you are interested.
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