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Fudgets - A Graphical User Interface in a Lazy Functional Language
An FPCA-93 paper describing the Fudget system. This was the first publication of fudgets.
Fudgets - Purely Functional Processes with applications to Graphical User Interfaces
A PhD Thesis, which is currently the most comprehensive description of Fudgets. (1998)
Erratic Fudgets: A Semantic Theory for an Embedded Coordination Language.
Gives a translation of the stream processor calculus from the Fudgets thesis into a call-by-need lambda calculus with an erratic choice operator. BibTex entry.

This drawing made by Martin Weichert shows Martin together with the authors (Andrew Moran, David Sands, and Magnus Carlsson), right after the presentation at Coordination'99 in Amsterdam.

Programming with Fudgets
Lecture Notes from the Spring School on Advanced Functional Programming in BĂ„stad 1995. Also published by Springer Verlag as LNCS 925.
Fudgets - Graphical User Interfaces and I/O in Lazy Functional Languages
A longer technical report describing the Fudget system. Contains the stuff in the FPCA-93 paper and some more.
Client/Server Applications with Fudgets
Presented at the workshop on ... in ...
Implementing Real-time Interactive Multi-User Games with Fudgets
Presented at the departmental Winter Meeting 1994.

The above two papers both describe how the Fudgets library can be used to write client/server applications that communicate via the Internet. The latter also describes an implementation of the classical Space Invaders arcade game using Fudgets.

Programming with Fudgets - a tutorial
Last updated on 9 Dec 1994. Not adapted to the latest release. Use the Spring School Lecture Notes above instead.

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